"PSP launch in UK breaks record"

Tuesday, September 06, 2005
Quote from PSPWorld.com (also at Sony PSP Review & PSPRumors).

"The PSP is now the UK's fastest selling video game system of all time. During its launch last week, an estimated 185,000 PSPs were sold, eclipsing the Nintendo DS's 87,000, which was the previous record holder."

That's certainly good news. :)

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The Next-Gen Walkman

Monday, September 05, 2005
...Well, that's just the latest rumors. Since you can play music, movies, view photos AND of course play games on the PSP, this unit might lower the sales for Apple's very successful iPod. The PSP is everywhere at the moment since the launch. It's all over the net and everyone's talking about it. The launch went very well and there's already a shortage of PSP hardware in Europe.

The black Sony PSP looks very good indeed, but after using it for a while there are visible fingerprints everywhere on the unit. That looks a bit bad. As a designer, it wasn't hard to fall in luv with the japanese ceramic white PSP (see the picture below).

Overall it's a very solid build machine and it feels GOOO~OOOD when you hold it. Most games on the PSP today run at 222 Mhz and not the at full speed of 333 Mhz. Only a few games so far use the full speed, Gran Turismo 4 Mobile is one example, since it drains battery a bit too fast. Sony will be releasing a new battery soon which will give better battery life for the PSP so all the games can run at 333 Mhz which overall makes the PSP more powerful than the Sony Playstation 2. But battery life isn't really a problem for me. Who runs a portable machine on a battery for more than five hours straight? I wouldn't. If so, you either connect it to a car-adapter or just connect it to a power socket in the wall.

I was actually supposed to post this thread about a month ago, but I've been too busy. I had this good news (well, for me): I pre-ordered the japanese ceramic white version of the PSP this summer and I will get it in about three weeks. I will post a review and high resolution photos of my PSP then - so stay tuned.

I've put my website-name on this pic because it's enhanced in Photoshop and now looks twice as good as the original. There are a lot bigger versions of the ceramic white PSP and you can find them easily through Google Image Search.

The PSP is priced between $189-$299 depending on where you buy it and which version. The ceramic white version costs around $279 and is only sold with the value pack. Go get one! If you live in Sweden - like me - you can save almost up to one thousand crowns (SEK) by importing a PSP instead of buying one here in Sweden. They cost around 2695 SEK here. If you DO want to buy one here I warmly recommend Webhallen.com.

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A calm walk in Gothenburg.

My friend Anders put up a great Random Show today. It's showing some of the things that he shot with his DV-camera while he was visiting me here in July.

Apparently, someone thought that his Stockholm video was a bit too slow so he did this one somewhat...faster.

Oh, and if you see a really fly blond guy (in an orange Maya T-shirt) in this Gothenburg-video it's me. ;) Press the below image to view this vlog.

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EVE Exodus for the PSP!

Well, not quite. But I did it as close as I possibly could. :) Since Firmware 2.0 for the Sony PSP was released some weeks ago, more and more wallpapers have been uploaded to the web. That was one of the - many - new features of 2.0 - that you now can put wallpapers behind the menu. That's cool, yes, but the new web browser is even cooler.

Anyway, back to wallpapers: there's just one thing wrong, they're all screendumps from emulators, game dumps or anime characters. And that's somewhat dull. Am I the first to have created Eve Online (a.k.a Eve Exodus) wallpapers for the Sony PSP? I don't know, but I hope not. :) This is my first pack of wallpapers, featuring 10 bitmaps in PSP native resolution of 480 x 272, all in one ZIP-file. The first three wallpapers are official EVE-images and the other seven are either screendumps of my ships in EVE or ships that I have seen there. Press the below wallpaper example to commence download and enjoy!

Note: There's no text on the actual wallpapers.

P.S - The best collection of PSP wallpapers that I've seen so far are the ones created by PlasmaDesign and you can find that collection here.

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