Sorrow's Furnace

Sunday, May 22, 2005
ArenaNet has uploaded a new preview showing the two new explorable areas in Guild Wars.

"Today's in-game movie unveils Sorrow's Furnace and Grenth's Footprints. These two new explorable areas will be part of a free live Guild Wars update that will be streaming to players in the coming weeks."

Download the high-res WMV-version here.

The Big Mac mini

Tuesday, May 17, 2005
Indeed. My mini is about three times faster now with the new RAM installed. I run multiple accounts with e-mails, Dashboards etc. and it's fast and smooth! It's a dream come true...

SONY Playstation 3

It's finally been announced. The next-gen Playstation. And it's looking damn sweet! I can't wait to try it out! Read the info, see the pics and the new in-game PS3-movies at the PS3-thread at Gamespot.com.

Compared to what my friend Scav says :) I actually think that both the box and the controller looks cool. I like spacy-looking things and my guess is that this controller is probably very nice to use.

If you missed the unweiling of the XBOX 360, you need to check that out too; it's also at Gamespot.com.

Alias Maya on OSX Tiger

Monday, May 16, 2005
Eventhough I got the Mac mini strictly for business, Internet and e-mail I had to try it. This little white "cookie-jar" was not built for advanced 3D animation, but what the heck. My curiousity was killing me so I downloaded Maya 6.0 PLE for OSX from Alias and ran the installer. Since I only have 256 mb of RAM installed my guess was that this would be very tough for my little mini, but I was both right and wrong. It took a while to load it, but when it was up it ran a whole lot better than I was hoping that it would. The virtual memory in OSX Tiger works very good - eventhough I think that it uses up over 4 gb when just Tiger is up. Crikey.

I teach Maya using advanced 3D-workstations, but my main computer at work is an IBM Thinkpad R51 and my guess was that this very notebook would probably run Maya a bit better than the Mac mini would. I was wrong; I underestimated the built-in ATi Radeon 9200-card in the mini. It was really quite smooth sailing, as long as I was not doing large scenes. I've used Maya on IRIX and NT/XP since early 1998 so it was fun to try it on a new OS (for me).

I'm getting 1 gb of RAM for the mini tomorrow and Tiger will run a lot smoother then, especially with multiple accounts open. I'm looking forward to that. If you're thinking about getting a mini - I couldn't possibly recommend it more. It's a superb little machine. But do invest in 1 gb of RAM. The Tiger is hungry. :)

Pimp your name!

Sunday, May 15, 2005
I just gotta post this... I got this URL from Scav.
Call me Silicon Slick Forsberg G.!

Pimp your name here!

DashBlog 0.10b for Tiger

I just installed the dashboard widget "DashBlog" for Tiger which is an easy way to update this blog. Just press F12 from the desktop, the widget flies in (!) and then just type some text and press "Post". Nice!

You'll find it here. See screenshot here.

1st post!

Well, my first post in my first blog. How does it feel? I dunno, this might be fun. First off I'd like to thank Scav and Repi for this neat little idea and also thanks to blogger for saving me about two months of programming.